Our School

As an established Pre-K through Middle School, rooted in the tradition of the Episcopal Church, All Angels is dedicated to a singular educational philosophy: To develop the whole child by challenging the mind and nourishing the spirit in a diverse community guided by Christian values.

"At All Angels, each individual child is known and accepted.  Their individuality is nurtured to help discover the passions that will set the course for a rewarding life."


It’s when children dream bigger, smile brighter, and learn better. At All Angels, our nurturing environment empowers students to do just that.  Dedicated teachers bring research from leading child development experts to the classroom and the curriculum, creating a program that focuses on individualized instruction, integrated learning, and social and emotional growth.

Our preschool program begins for students at age three and lays the foundation for success in kindergarten and beyond. All Angels employs state-certified educators to ensure the preschool curriculum caters to the developmental needs of young children.


Our curriculum prepares students to make a difference in the world by focusing on effective communications, critical thinking, and problem-solving. The same quest for excellence that drives our academic program shapes our commitment to programs in athletics, the arts, our spiritual life and our dedication to service to others. These areas of campus life form the Four Pillars to which the school is dedicated. Through the opportunities the Four Pillars provide, students may experience not only the self-discipline of a competitive sport, but also the development and growth of their creative talents, the deepening of their faith, and a lifelong desire to serve others.

The school's faculty displays an outstanding academic background, excellent character, and dedication to the overall well-being of the students.  At All Angels we are committed to small class size and an environment that is safe, achievement-oriented, supportive, and positive.




Reverend  Kimberly Knight has served as the Interim Priest for the Parish since 2018. She earned a Masters in Marital and Family Counseling prior to attending seminary, and has nearly two decades of experience in Christian education in Episcopal Schools in Florida, Ohio, and Louisiana. She was ordained to the deaconate and the priesthood in the diocese of South East Florida under Bishops Schofield and Said.

"My philosophy is to create and nurture an environment in which children will experience God’s love and presence, and know that they have a purpose in His creation.

As an administrator and teacher, I strive to integrate technology and internet resources into my curriculum, incorporate students and faculty into all aspects of school, encourage age appropriate class discussions on social dynamics, current events, or other topics of interest, and work with faculty on inter-curricular field trips.

Our strong academic program focuses on the whole child, while recognizing the increasing demands of our information age, and prepares students to meet the challenges of the future with a solid foundation built on knowledge, learning and character."