Krista Schubert ~ Social and Digital Marketing Manager at Overproof

After graduating from All Angels Academy in 2011, Krista Schubert attended Miami Springs Senior High, where she was Editor-in-Chief of the school newspaper, The Zeitgeist, and President of Anchor Club, an international nonprofit service organization. While still in high school, Krista landed her first job with the River Cities Gazette as a Staff Writer and has been working with the local publication for over six years now. Krista graduated summa cum laude from Miami Springs Senior High and went on to attend the University of Miami, where she majored in Media Management and minored in Marketing and Advertising. During her time at the U, she landed a marketing internship at the education management company, Endeavor Schools, and became the Vice President of the Media Management Association. Krista graduated at the top of her class from UM in 2018 with summa cum laude honors and began her first full-time job as a Marketing Coordinator for Endeavor Schools. Shortly thereafter, she received an offer from a lead generation and LinkedIn marketing company, which she took to become an Account Manager, and was promoted to Account Supervisor after her first three months with the company. Krista then landed a role with Overproof, the first and only AI-driven business intelligence and strategic planning platform for the beverage alcohol industry. As their Social and Digital Marketing Manager, Krista is responsible for developing their strategy for all digital advertising and social media campaigns. You can find Krista on Linkedin at #.