PREK3 through Kindergarten

At All Angels Academy we value early childhood education and understand the tremendous impact it has on life outcomes. Our program is child-centered, and our curriculum has a low student-to-teacher ratio with highly educated and well-trained professionals and is developmentally appropriate and differentiated to meet each child’s needs. This is a community that understands each child is unique and special. We embrace the whole child, fostering and accepting differences. Our philosophy allows children to approach situations and problems confidently for the rest of their lives.


All Angels preschoolers receive a strong foundation for future learning and an interactive educational experience that cannot be rivaled by other preschools in the area:

  • All Angels preschool teachers are well qualified and have extensive experience in early childhood education.
  • Preschool faculty participate regularly in professional development to ensure they make full use of education’s best practices.
  • Everything is our size. Here, we are three, four, and five. Our chairs are small, our socks get lost, and we like to go outside. We aren’t grown-ups. We are little. And we go to a school that understands about being little. Here we can be independent — both in our care and our explorations — because this place was prepared for “little.”
  • We can get messy. Painting, manipulatives on the rug, pouring and measuring real liquids that spill – oops, it did – on the counter. Some of us are sprawled out. Some of us are standing, moving around, carrying out our work independently and individually, literally all over the place.
  • We learn to think. Here we are learning to be in a place and role, to use the right tools correctly, to carry out complicated processes all on our own. To think on our own in our own time. This is our work, this messy, jostled, trial and error, the beautifully creative work of little hands.
  • Play is serious business. It is where we learn to be friendly. Brave. Compassionate. Curious. Helpful. Inclusive. Relaxed. Passionate. But most of all, kind. Kindness is learned here every day, because it is through our imaginations that we learn to be our best version of ourselves.

GRADES 1 – 4

The Elementary School provides an exceptional academic opportunity within the framework of a warm and nurturing Christian environment. Our focus is on allowing children to grow into themselves and to begin to gain the confidence and competence to succeed socially, emotionally, and academically.

Our teachers recognize each child as a unique individual and seek to identify his or her personal learning styles and abilities. We use that knowledge to develop a strong foundation in reading, writing, mathematics, social studies, science, and the arts. Students become comfortable thinking independently, taking risks, collaborating, and problem-solving early on and are well prepared for middle school.

Throughout their Elementary education, our students apply concepts that they

are studying in the classroom to real world situations. These experiences enhance their ability to truly embrace these concepts and helps us foster a lifetime love for learning.

GRADES 5 – 8

Middle School students are at a critical stage in their development. All Angels emphasizes the development of sound character, integrity, and personal honor in every aspect of a student’s experience. By underscoring the virtues of honesty, fair play, respect for self and others, appreciation for diversity, and service to the community, our staff helps students develop their leadership skills and identify and develop their talents.

Because of the small class size, our Middle School teachers know each of our students as individuals and use that knowledge to motivate and inspire our boys and girls to become well-educated, kind, and mature teenagers who are prepared and eager to take on the responsibilities and opportunities that lie ahead.

Our program proudly focuses on key educational elements to prepare the student for high school and beyond.

STEAM: Included in our curriculum are biweekly? STEAM activities aimed to introduce and solidify students’ understanding of how science, math, art, and technology work in an interrelated way in their everyday lives. Solid foundations of math, geometry, algebra, and other advanced concepts are also established so students can seamlessly enter any high school prepared.

ART: From manipulatives and coloring in preschool to more formal art classes All Angels attempts to expose student to art through music and the visual art classes. Additionally, there are regular performances particularly focused around the holidays and end of year celebrations. The school has coordinated with the Pelican Theater in Miami Springs to bring Shakespeare alive with 8th graders in the cast and the entire school and parent cheering them on. The program brings the Bard alive and is a highlight of the year

LANGUAGE ARTS: Reading and writing are of course at the core of every student’s schedule. All Angels incorporates all types of literature, fables, poetry, and nonfiction reading, writing, and research to prepare the student for high school and beyond. As mentioned above, the Shakespeare Projects helps students see and visualize some of the greatest words ever written.